We set out in order to give a hand to all living things having an handicap ahead and to help them by realizing what we think, produce and organize. Looking forward for your kindest support

About Us

Our Foundation supported to impeded People and their family with wheelchair, drugs, rent, supplies and scholarship about thousands and we are included into Foundations law based in Istanbul.
Our Foundation moving with "The biggest impedement in the heart one." slogan. We bring our sound and get prestige in politics, works, art and press with trainings, conferences, panels and The biggest aid night in Turkey "Unimpeded Life Awards" organized by us.
We as the Foundation for the Unhindered Life are doing projects that we have cooperated with the Turkish Red Crescent and are doing Material, Spiritual and Provincial Assistance to the people in need both at home and abroad. Due to these studies our foundation;
* 2013 Konya Mevlana Peace and Tolerance Awards / Most Successful Foundation of the Year,
* 2015 Turkish Red Crescent Award Ceremony / Foundation of the Year,
* 2016 World Association of Elderly People / Time Inverse Quran Award,
* 2017 Individual Educational Institutions / Best Civil Society Organization and President of the Year was awarded awards.
Like every person candidate to impedement in this world, we are waiting for your support to our Foundation like million voluntary, hundreds of corporation and foundation.